HockeyData is the leading provider of hockey specific analytics and information to teams, players, agents, and scouts.

Through technology and organization, we are able to provide highly valuable statistical information regarding: 

  • player and team productivity
  • spacial context to productivity
  • future expected goal differentials
  • separation by team-strength: EV/PK/PP
  • scoring percentage, actions per 60 minutes, turnover ratio, penalty ratio, face-off percentage. etc. 
  • success thresholds
  • line-up probability
  • competitor preparation and strategy

24 Hour Data Access
Custom Tracking Strategy
Verified Data 

Recently HockeyData was named 'Best Presenting Company' in the start-up spotlight category of the Canadian Financing Forum. The Forum features presentations from Canada's most promising technology companies, as approximately 40 technology companies compete for the attention of top tier investors from across Canada and the United States. Focusing on both Information Technology and Sustainable Technology companies, the Canadian Financing Forum matches North American corporate and venture capital investors with entrepreneurs on their way to building world-class technology companies. 

Additionally, HockeyData was named 'Top Scalable Start-Up' of SFU's Coast Capital Savings Venture Prize Competition as well as being named as one of 2017's Top Emerging Tech Companies by the Ready to Rocket Program. Ready to Rocket is a unique business recognition list that profiles B.C. technology companies with the greatest potential for revenue growth. Since 2003, the Ready to Rocket list has consistently predicted the revenue growth leaders and the companies most likely to attract investment.

 The Coast Capital Savings Venture Prize competition recognizes entrepreneurial excellence at Simon Fraser University. Judged by a panel of external industry experts, winning Coast Capital Savings Venture Prize teams are selected based upon the quality of their business concept, current progress and future plans, as well as presentation skills


"The information provided to us by HockeyData is invaluable in our decision making.  As coaches, we're all susceptible to making decisions based on emotion or perceptions of the game that may be clouded by our personal biases and viewpoints about various players.  What HockeyData does is provide us with information to make objective decisions about player performance, which ultimately aids us in making solid decisions about how much ice time to allocate to our players, and who we need to put on the ice in various situations.  It also allows us to develop game plans for specific opponents based on an analysis of past events against that opponent. HockeyData gets to know our players, and gets personally invested in our results.  We'd highly recommend HockeyData to any team that may have limited human resources, but wants to gain the benefits that analytics is bringing to pro teams." - Bob MacIsaac Saint Mary's University Men's Hockey